Marcel Kempf, M.Sc.

Research Associate

Postal address

  • Institut für Informatik der
  • Technischen Universität München
  • Lehrstuhl I8
  • Boltzmannstr. 3
  • 85748 Garching bei München - Germany


Consultation hours

By arrangement


Research Topics

  • Protocol Performance Evaluation
  • QUIC Protocol


Supervised Theses

In progress

Student Title Type Advisors Year Links
Nikolas Gauder Performance Evaluation of Cryptography in QUIC BA Benedikt Jaeger, Johannes Zirngibl, Marcel Kempf 2023
Raphael Stadler QUICkly Reaching Maximum Throughput: A Comparative Evaluation of QUIC Implementations BA Benedikt Jaeger, Johannes Zirngibl, Marcel Kempf 2023
Johannes Späth QUIC Performance Improvements Using DPDK MA Johannes Zirngibl, Benedikt Jaeger, Kilian Holzinger, Marcel Kempf 2023
Martin Fritz State of the Art Assessment of Multipath QUIC MA Kilian Holzinger, Lion Steger, Marcel Kempf 2023
TBA Impact of a TEE on QUIC Performance BA, MA, IDP Marcel Kempf, Filip Rezabek, Johannes Zirngibl, Benedikt Jaeger 2023


2023-06-01 Benedikt Jaeger, Johannes Zirngibl, Marcel Kempf, Kevin Ploch, Georg Carle, “QUIC on the Highway: Evaluating Performance on High-Rate Links,” in International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) Networking 2023 Conference (IFIP Networking 2023), Barcelona, Spain, Jun. 2023. [Preprint] [Rawdata] [DOI] [Bib]