A selection of the chair's projects

This list shows the currently running and typically publically funded projects of our chair. These projects are typically carried out in cooperation with other research institutes and companies.

Holistic Approaches for 6th Generation Cellular Networks

The '6G-ANNA' project contributes significantly to the development of technologies that will enable the introduction of 6G contributing significantly to technological sovereignty in Germany and Europe.

Predictive Analysis of Routing and Network flows for an Intelligent Network Management

The subordinate goal of the project PRIMEnet is the development of intelligent and inovative analytic processes for predictive assessments of the quality of service in complex communication networks.

Research on Future 6G Network Architectures

TUM and the Technical University of Dresden have joined forces to form the 6G-life research hub to drive cutting-edge research for future 6G communication networks with a focus on human-machine collaboration.

6G Fundamental Research

The objectives of the 6G Future Lab Bavaria are the exploration of novel and fundamental mechanisms for 6G, the demonstration of their feasibility in a proof-of-concept realization, their preparation with repect to a 6G roadmap, and the definition of future-oriented research questions.

Scientific LargeScale Infrastructure for Computing/Communication Experimental Studies – Starting Community

SLICES-SC aims to organise and engage the community around the users of digital science research infrastructures, and address the key issues for providing the infrastructure to a larger audience.

Model-based Analysis of Next-Generation Networks

ModANet covers various methods for performance analysis, e.g. resource-based models, models based on Network Calculus, and simulations. A framework for model evaluationis created, which allows for automated determination of the quality and scope of models. Calibration and evaluation of the analyzed models use machine learning techniques.

Earlier Projects