Max Helm, M. Sc.

Research Associate

Postal address

  • Institut für Informatik der
  • Technischen Universität München
  • Lehrstuhl I8
  • Boltzmannstr. 3
  • 85748 Garching bei München - Germany


Consultation hours

By arrangement


  • Network Modeling


  • ModANet: Model-based Analysis of Next-Generation Networks (2019 – 2022)


Supervised Theses


Title Type Advisors Year Links
Analysis of Servers use of TLS Parameters IDP, MA Patrick Sattler, Lars Wüstrich, Max Helm 2020 Pdf

In progress

Student Title Type Advisors Year Links
Otto Breitwieser Performant Certificate Transparency Monitoring IDP Max Helm, Patrick Sattler 2019 Pdf
tba A Framework for automatic Service Curve Derivation of Network Devices BA, IDP Max Helm, Benedikt Jaeger 2019 Pdf
Niklas Beck Sensitivity Analysis of Network Calculus and Queuing Network Models BA Max Helm, Benedikt Jaeger, Henning Stubbe 2019 Pdf
Alexander Mildner Evaluation of Online Schedule Synthesis Algorithms for Time-based Scheduled Time Sensitive Networks MA Max Helm, Benedikt Jaeger, Marcel Wagner, Hèctor Blanco Alcaine 2019


Author Title Type Advisors Year Links
Stefan Lachnit Mininet Performance Evaluation and Optimization BA Benedikt Jaeger, Max Helm 2019 Pdf
Ivan Kendzor Modeling Scheduling Algorithms in Network Calculus BA Max Helm, Henning Stubbe, Dominik Scholz, Fabien Geyer 2019 Pdf
Marcel Mussner Comparing Network Calculus Guarantees with Latency Measurements in Emulated Networks BA Max Helm, Dominik Scholz, Benedikt Jaeger, Henning Stubbe 2019 Pdf


2018-03-01 Oliver Gasser, Benjamin Hof, Max Helm, Maciej Korczynski, Ralph Holz, Georg Carle, “In Log We Trust: Revealing Poor Security Practices with Certificate Transparency Logs and Internet Measurements,” in Proceedings of the Passive and Active Measurement Conference (PAM 2018), Best Paper Award, Berlin, Germany, Mar. 2018. [Url] [Pdf] [Slides] [Sourcecode] [Rawdata] [Blog] [Bib]