Open Interdisciplinary Projects

Title Type Advisors Year Links
MoonGen - Implementation of a Testing Toolchain BA, IDP Stefan Lachnit, Eric Hauser, Sebastian Gallenmüller 2023
LLM Based Research and Evaluation Pipeline BA, MA, IDP Johannes Zirngibl, Max Helm, Patrick Sattler 2023
Tracking the Lifetime of Domains MA, IDP Johannes Zirngibl, Patrick Sattler 2023
Comparison of Time Sensitive Networking Standards BA, IDP, MA Max Helm 2023
Forward Erasure Correction Coding in QUIC IDP, MA Kilian Holzinger, Henning Stubbe, Stefan Lachnit 2023
Scalable Off-Chain Computing on Data Streams using Trusted Execution Environments BA, MA, IDP Filip Rezabek, Dr. Xinxin Fan 2023
TLS Certificate Usage Evaluation BA, MA, IDP, GR Patrick Sattler, Johannes Zirngibl 2023
Emulation of a Robust Two-Wheeled Inverted Pendulum IDP, MA Stephan M. Günther, Sebastian Gallenmüller 2022