Open Interdisciplinary Projects

Title Type Advisors Year Links
Operating High-Performance Networking Devices BA, MA, IDP Henning Stubbe, Sebastian Gallenmüller, Eric Hauser 2022 Pdf
Towards Running Arbitrary Programs on SUME MA, IDP Henning Stubbe, Eric Hauser 2022 Pdf
Emulation of a Robust Two-Wheeled Inverted Pendulum IDP, MA Stephan M. Günther, Sebastian Gallenmüller 2022 Pdf
Packet Selection using Concepts from IPFIX and PSAMP IDP, GR Kilian Holzinger, Henning Stubbe 2022 Pdf
"The right tool for the job" - Specialization using Data Plane HW/SW Decomposition IDP, GR, MA, BA Kilian Holzinger, Henning Stubbe 2022 Pdf
Threshold Cryptography enabled QES MA, BA, IDP Filip Rezabek, Lars Wüstrich 2022 Pdf