Open Interdisciplinary Projects

Title Type Advisors Year Links
Uncovering PTP Master Clocks in the Wild BA, MA, IDP Johannes Zirngibl, Max Helm, Henning Stubbe 2020 Pdf
Improving Quality — One Build System at a Time IDP Henning Stubbe, Dominik Scholz, Sebastian Gallenmüller 2019 Pdf
Extending the Functionality of the DPDK-based t4p4s P4 Target MA, IDP, HiWi Dominik Scholz, Henning Stubbe, Sebastian Gallenmüller 2019 Pdf
P4 to eBPF: Comparison of Expressiveness, Targets, Use Cases and Performance MA, IDP Dominik Scholz, Sebastian Gallenmüller, Henning Stubbe 2019 Pdf
Emulation of a Robust Two-Wheeled Inverted Pendulum IDP, MA Stephan M. Günther, Sebastian Gallenmüller 2019 Pdf
eLearning Statistic Modules MA, BA, IDP Marc-Oliver Pahl 2016 Pdf