Proseminar - Network Hacking & Defence

Course Registration and Topic Assignment

  • We offer 12 topics / places in total.

  • 24.06.2016, 13:00, 03.07.023: info meeting (presentation of teaching goals, rules and topic overview)
  • Registration and course assignment via TUM matching system

  • 21.10.2016, 14:00, 03.07.023: kickoff meeting (presentation of teaching goals, rules and this semester's topics)
  • Topic assignment via matching system based on student preferences


  • 24.06.2016, 13:00, 03.07.023: info meeting
  • 21.10.2016, 14:00, 03.07.023: kickoff meeting
  • 28.10.2016, 14:00, 03.07.023: introduction lecture
    • how-to write a scientific paper
    • how-to prepare/give a scientific talk
    • how-to review a scientific paper
  • Student talks at
    • 13.01.2017, 14:00, 03.07.023
    • 20.01.2017, 14:00, 03.07.023
    • 27.01.2017, 14:00, 03.07.023
    • 03.02.2017, 14:00, 03.07.023


In this proseminar we have a look on security weaknesses of various important network protocols of all ISO/OSI layers. Furthermore, we focus on different online services and their security and privacy implications for users. Last not least, we investigate on mechanisms that help to mitigate the outcomes of the weaknesses we identified.

The list below contains topics of previous semesters. The final topic selection of this semester's proseminar might differ slightly and will be presented at the kickoff meeting.

  • Preparation of attacks on networks, e.g., network scanning, service enumeration, etc.
  • Security weaknesses of network protocols, e.g., ARP, IP, TCP, etc.
  • Attacking the Internet's infrastructural services, e.g. name resolution (DNS), routing (BGP), etc.
  • Security and privacy problems of Internet services, e.g., Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Weaknesses of security protocols, e.g., TLS, X.509 certificates
  • Attacking Web-2.0-Services, e.g., XSS, SQL injection, etc.
  • Attacks on cloud computing services
  • Malware, bot networks, e
  • Defence of attacks using, e.g., network intrusion detection or host intrusion detection systems

Binding rules

In order to successfully finish the proseminar, the following partial results need to be achieved:

  • hand in a written scientific paper about your topic, 6 - 8 pages (1st version)
  • write a review about the papers of two follow students
  • hand in a 2nd, revised version of your paper that incorporates feedback given by reviewers and advisors
  • prepare and give a scientific talk (25 minutes)

  • Presence is mandatory at all dates.

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