IPv6 Hitlist Collection


You can download an extended version of the paper “Scanning the IPv6 Internet: Towards a Comprehensive Hitlist” which appeared at TMA 2016 from Arxiv.



You can download our Zmap version which we extended with IPv6 support from GitHub.

We include the following new probe modules:

  • ICMPv6 Echo Request
  • IPv6 TCP SYN (any port)
  • IPV6 UDP (any port and payload)

IPv6 Address Data Sets

We provide daily updated IPv6 hitlist data sets for download.

The IPv6 hitlist based on the Alexa Top 1M and Cisco Umbrella lists are provided without registration for open access at the following link.

More extensive IPv6 hitlist data sets based on Alexa Country Top 50 list, CAIDA DNS Names, Rapid7 DNS ANY, Rapid7 rDNS, and various DNS Zonefiles can be requested by sending a quick registration email. We use the gathered data for statistical purposes and might very occasionally send a survey or other requests for feedback.

NOTE: When using these data sets please reference them with the following citation:

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