Kolloq. Prof. Dr. Rute Sofia, topic: Contextual Interaction inference and characterization derived from wireless network mining

Monday, 10th of Juli 2017, 11:15am FMI 03.07.023 (MI-Building, Campus Garching), talk will be held in English


This talk is focused on wireless network mining and on context and behavior characterization derived from the application of non-intrusive, pervasive sensing approaches in connected wireless environments. The research described in this talk goes over the development of networking solutions and mechanisms that can assist data capture and distributed inference of roaming habits in a way that may lead to social interaction stimulation (and as a consequence, to a better design of networking communication).

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Rute Sofia is a Senior Researcher at COPELABS, Lisbon, a private not for profit research unit fusing pervasive wireless systems and social psychology with the goal of contributing to improving well-being. She is an Associate Professor at University Lusofona, and a co-founder as well as CTO of Senception Lda, a spin-off of COPELABS, focused on wireless network mining. Since 95 she has been developing research both in an industrial environment as well as in an academic environment. She was a Senior Researcher and co-coordinator of the Internet Architectures and Networking area (IAN) of INESC TEC, Porto. Before, she was a Senior Researcher at Siemens AG Corporate Technology, Munich, focusing on aspects such as carrier grade Ethernet; QoS; IPv6. She was a Senior Researcher at Bundeswehr Universitaet Munich, focusing on QoS. She was a Visiting Scholar at University of Pennsylvania, Multimedia and Networking Lab, Philadelphia, USA, and at ICAIR, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA, focusing on QoS research. She is on sabbatical leave (July 2017-September 2018), visiting the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Siemens AG Corporate Technology, and University of Lisbon as well as the portuguese National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS, Lisbon). Her sabbatical research is focused on Networked Cyber-Physical Systems, with emphasis on network mining and pervasive data analytics for wireless networks.


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