Jonas Jelten

Research Associate

Postal address

  • Institut für Informatik der
  • Technischen Universität München
  • Lehrstuhl I8
  • Boltzmannstr. 3
  • 85748 Garching bei München - Germany


  • Tel: +49 89 289 - 18013
  • e-Mail:
    (GPG: 422D 3E81 30DE 10BA BF04 4539 E0F5 BD0D FA22 92AF)
  • Building/Room: MI Building, 03.05.037

Consultation hours

By arrangement



  • Network Monitoring
  • High Performance Networking


  • Since 2018: Teaching Assistant for Network Security
  • Since 2017: Seminar IITM and FI (advisor)

Supervised Theses


Author Title Type Advisors Year Links
Thomas Maier Exposing Insecure Configurations of Network Session and Permission Graphs MA Simon Bauer, Jonas Jelten, Dr. Holger Kinkelin 2018
Michael Eder Network Discovery Orchestration MA Jonas Jelten, Simon Bauer 2018
Glenn Skjong Internet Toplists: Creating an Alternative Internet Top List Service MA Quirin Scheitle, Jonas Jelten 2018
Johannes Schleger Detection and Characterization of TLS Interception in Access Networks MA Jonas Jelten, Florian Wohlfart, Quirin Scheitle 2018
Miguel Àngel Campos Gaviño Improving Bro’s performance with DPDK BA Simon Bauer, Jonas Jelten, Paul Emmerich 2018


2019-10-01 Johannes Naab, Patrick Sattler, Jonas Jelten, Oliver Gasser, Georg Carle, “Prefix Top Lists: Gaining Insights with Prefixes from Domain-based Top Lists on DNS Deployment,” in Proceedings of the Internet Measurement Conference, New York, NY, USA, Oct. 2019, pp. 351–357. [Pdf] [Slides] [Homepage] [DOI] [Bib]
2018-11-01 Quirin Scheitle, Oliver Hohlfeld, Julien Gamba, Jonas Jelten, Torsten Zimmermann, Stephen D. Strowes, Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, “A Long Way to the Top: Significance, Structure, and Stability of Internet Top Lists,” in Internet Measurement Conference (IMC’18), IMC’18 Community Contribution Award, Boston, USA, Nov. 2018, pp. 478–493. [Homepage] [Rawdata] [Arxiv] [DOI] [Bib]
2018-03-01 Quirin Scheitle, Jonas Jelten, Oliver Hohlfeld, Luca Ciprian, Georg Carle, “Structure and Stability of Internet Top Lists,” in PAM’18 Poster, Berlin, Mar. 2018. [Arxiv] [Bib]