Juliane Aulbach, M.Sc.


  • Since SS 2021: Teaching Assistant for P2P Networks and Security
  • Since SS 2021: Seminar IITM (advisor)


2024-07-01 Markus Sosnowski, Johannes Zirngibl, Patrick Sattler, Juliane Aulbach, Jonas Lang, Georg Carle, “An Internet-wide View on HTTPS Certificate Revocations: Observing the Revival of CRLs via Active TLS Scans,” in Proc. IEEE European Symposium on Security and Privacy Workshops (EuroS&PW), Jul. 2024. [Pdf] [DOI] [Bib]
2022-10-01 Patrick Sattler, Juliane Aulbach, Johannes Zirngibl, Georg Carle, “Towards a Tectonic Traffic Shift? Investigating Apple’s New Relay Network,” in Proceedings of the 2022 Internet Measurement Conference, Oct. 2022. [Pdf] [Homepage] [Rawdata] [Bib]
2022-06-01 Johannes Zirngibl, Steffen Deusch, Patrick Sattler, Juliane Aulbach, Georg Carle, Mattijs Jonker, “Domain Parking: Largely Present, Rarely Considered!,” in Proc. Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference (TMA) 2022, Jun. 2022. [Pdf] [Bib]
2021-11-01 Johannes Zirngibl, Philippe Buschmann, Patrick Sattler, Benedikt Jaeger, Juliane Aulbach, Georg Carle, “It’s over 9000: Analyzing early QUIC Deployments with the Standardization on the Horizon,” in Proceedings of the 2021 Internet Measurement Conference, New York, NY, USA, Nov. 2021. [Preprint] [Homepage] [Rawdata] [Recording] [DOI] [Bib]