Franco-German Summer School 2011 for Junior Scientists

Cloud Computing: Challenges and opportunities

Sunday, July 17th, Afternoon (16h):

Arrival and Welcome
Godefroy Kugel (Franco-German University)
Hannemor Keidel (President of BFHZ)

Sunday, July 17th, Opening conference (20h):

Armin Nassehi: Opening Speech

Monday, July 18th, Morning (9-12h):

E. Biersack, G. Carle: Introduction to the seminar + Presentation of Speakers
J. Jackson: Introduction to cloud computing : Motivation, driving forces, data center vs HPC, Cloud SW models, IAAS: Eucalyptus 

Monday, July 18th, Afternoon (14-18h):

W.-T. Balke, P. Senellart: Hadoop Part I (Distributed computation): Introduction, HDFS, Map reduce, Pig, Open issues

Tuesday, July 19th, Morning (9-12h):

W.-T. Balke, P. Senellart: Hadoop part II (Distributed storage): DHTs, Dynamo, HBASE or Bigtable, Open issues

Wednesday, July 20th, Morning (9-12h):

J. Jackson: Microsoft Azure as a PAAS, Case Study (AzureBlast), Relationship to Hadoop, Open issues
P. Michiardi: Practical exercises on Hadoop (I): Map reduce and more

Wednesday, July 20th, Afternoon (14-18h):

P. Michiardi: Practical exercises on Hadoop (II): Map reduce and more

Thursday, July 21th, Morning (9-12h):

V. Markl: Beyond Map Reduce

Thursday, July 21th, Afternoon (14-18h):

Roundtable (J. Jackson, V. Markl, P. Senellart): Research issues in cloud computing
T. Fetzer: Cloud computing and privacy laws

Thursday, July 21th, Evening (19h30 - 22h):

H. Kosch, D. Coquil: The German-French Doctoral College on Multimedia.Distributed, Pervasive and Secure Systems (MDPS): scientific issues and structure of a bi-national PhD-programme

Friday, July 22th, Morning (9-12h):

H. Heller, N. O. vor dem gentschen Felde: Cloud computing and HPC: Security, Virtualization, Energy efficiency