Academic Salon on Time-Sensitive Networking and Deterministic Applications, October 13-14, 2021


This scientific event aims to bring together scientists from academia and industry with key expertise in time-sensitive network technologies and applications with requirements met by these network technologies. Of particular interest are network-specific innovations, in particular concerning IEEE TSN and IETF DetNet, methods for performance assessment, in particular Network Calculus based methods, contributions on implementation, in particular architecture innovations and acceleration techniques including the use of programmable hardware, and insights into industrial and automotive applications.

Topical Scope

Time-sensitive and deterministic networking has been receiving significant interest from academia and industry. It addresses various application domains, including industrial networks, in-vehicular networks, mobile and wireless networks, and service provider networks. Different applications require different types of performance guarantees, including guaranteed throughput, maximum latency, ultra-low latency, security and reliability. The goal of this workshop series is to address some of the key challenges in the areas of time-sensitive networking and deterministic applications in relation to:

  • Methods for performance analysis, including network calculus
  • Methods for network planning, capacity dimensioning and resilience
  • Protocol advances, such as routing for time-sensitive traffic
  • Implementation approaches for low-latency packet processing, including programmable hardware and high-performance software processing
  • System architectures for deterministic applications, including in-network computing elements
  • Analysis of use cases with deterministic applications
  • Machine Learning in support of time-sensitive networking and deterministic applications

Organisation by Technical University of Munich

  • Georg Carle (Chair)
  • Andreas Herkersdorf, Jörg Ott, Sebastian Steinhorst (Vice-Chairs)


  • Online event (Virtual Munich)


  • Presentations and Panel Discussions are organized in Zoom.

Final Report

  • Report of Academic Salon is available (pdf)


(subsequent times are CEST - Central European Summer Time, UTC+2)

Wednesday October 13: Specialist Session

16:00-18:50 Time-Sensitive Networked Systems and Network Calculus (Session Chair: Georg Carle)

  • Overview on the program and the technical setup
  • Introduction round of participants
  • Impulse Talk NC1 - Jean-Yves Le Boudec, EPFL, Switzerland: "Regulators, Dampers and Clock Non Idealities in Time Sensitive Networks" (video, pdf)
  • Impulse Talk NC2 - Marc Boyer, ONERA, France: "TSN Support for Quality of Service in Space" (video, pdf)
  • Impulse Talk NC3 - Lisa Maile, University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany: "Credit-Based Shaper Configuration for Delay-Constrained Flow Allocation in TSN" (video, pdf)
  • Impulse Talk NC4 - Max Helm, Technical University of Munich, Germany: "Modelling Programmable Device Behavior" (video, pdf)
  • Discussion on the current state and to-be-expected progress of network calculus methods, and bridges to neighboring research
    • Questions include: "TSN: so many alternatives to achieve real-time requirements - which solutions are likely to be deployed, and for which reasons?"

Thursday October 14, 9:00-15:00: Academic Salon Plenary

9:00-9:10 Welcome and Introduction

  • Overview on the academic salon by Georg Carle
  • Introduction round of participants

9:10-10:40 Time-Sensitive Network Technologies (Session Chair: Sebastian Steinhorst)

  • Impulse Talk NT1 - Luxi Zhao, Beihang University, China / TUM: "Performance Comparison of Traffic Shapers in TSN Networks" (video, pdf)
  • Impulse Talk NT2 - Paul Pop, DTU - Technical University of Denmark: "Self-Configuring and Self-Healing Time-Sensitive Networking" (video, pdf)
  • Impulse Talk NT3 - Toerless Eckert, Futurewei, USA - "Challenges and solution directions or deterministic QoS in service provider networks, large scale and wide area networks" (video, pdf)
  • Q&A discussion round
  • Discussion on advances and limits of TSN technology and standardisation (Tentative topic title: TSN Configuration Challenges and Upcoming Industrial and Automotive Profiles)

10:50-12:30 Advances from Ongoing Projects (Session Chair: Michael Menth, University of Tübingen)

  • Impulse Talk OP1 - Rene Guillaume, Bosch, Germany: "Dynamic Configuration of TSN for Industrial Applications in the KITOS Project" (video, pdf)
  • Impulse Talk OP2 - Lukas Osswald, University of Tübingen, Germany: "RAP Extensions for the Hybrid Configuration Model" (video, pdf)
  • Impulse Talk OP3 - Marco Häberle, University of Tübingen, Germany: "Softwarization of Automotive E/E Architectures: A Software-Defined Networking Approach" (video, pdf)
  • Q&A discussion round
  • Discussion: "Use of TSN in industry: use cases, appropriate TSN mechanisms, and SDN perspectives?"

13:30-14:35 Concepts, Requirements and Applications for Deterministic Services (Session Chair: Jörg Ott)

  • Impulse Talk AR1 - Filip Rezabek, Technical University of Munich, Germany: "Flexible Research Infrastructure for Reliable and Scalable Intra-Vehicular TSN Networks" (video, pdf)
  • Impulse Talk AR2 - Günter Steindl, Siemens - "TSN Plug&Produce, 1000 IA stations" (video, pdf)
  • Q&A discussion round
  • Discussion on Applications and Requirements

14:35-15:00 Wrap-up (Session Chair: Georg Carle)

  • Final Discussions
  • Collection of feedback and suggestions for follow-up event
  • Final Wrap-up and Closing Remarks of the Academic Salon